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tv   430am Newscast  FOX  July 25, 2013 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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paul chambers live. >> reporter: from 2008 to february of this year. we can take a look at video. here's what we know as of right now. richard scott ratchful facing charges. napa. he's been a commercial photographer for more than 14 years. found child porn on his computer, downloading for at least five years. he claims he never took any child pornography pictures or videos. that is something police try to determine at this time. planned on coaching wrestling this fall at st. jalena high
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school. a woman driving near her home. she was a pet nanny and professional dog walker. her neighbors would often see her walking dogs in oakland. >> you know how it is every year, but it's shocking for it to be so close in proximity. >> the shooting took place next to the cemetery known for illegal dumping. video from surveillance cameras in the area may help investigators. police also say evidence from beer bottles found nearby may help them identify potential suspects or witnesses. the price tag for the so-
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called grand central station of the west is getting bigger. the total cost of san francisco's trans bay transit center is expected to cost more than first projected. that financial hole could grow deeper in the years ahead. the transit hub at first in downtown san francisco is scheduled to open. the deadline is now ten days away and still appears contract negotiations between management and unions are going nowhere. that means 400,000 daily writers could be forced to find another way to get around after the august 4 deadline. local transit experts say it could be far worse than the one earlier this month. >> traffic in august is traditionally higher than a holiday weekend in july. so for those who got tied up in july, you can expect the worst experience in august.
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>> representatives of bart management and unions meet with the state mediator to come up with the deal but everyone involved in the talks are far apart from reaching the deal. 141 more are injured after a passenger train derailed in northern spain. investigators looking into what caused the train to jump the tracks near the northwestern city of santiago, but ruled out terrorism. the train may have been traveling at twice the speed limit on a sharp curve. the impact was so great, it split the train in half. i heard an explosion when i arrived, one of the carriages was over the road. began to get scared because one of the firemen said it might explode. the derailment is the deadliest since 1972 in spain. the religious festival that draws tens of thousands of christians has been canceled due to the accident. crews try to put out a fire
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at a ruptured natural gas well in louisiana. it's now partially collapsed following an explosion and fire. all 44 crew members were evacuated before the fire started. natural gas is leaking, but not expected to have a significant effect on the environment. a dangerous gas leak here in contra costa county. they say they were not properly warned. it happened in al moe. near stone valley road, it was shut down most of the day. east bay crews accidentally hit the natural gas line. the markings were not accurate. nearby homes and businesses were evacuated and one man we spoke with signed up to get emergency text alerts for the neighborhood but didn't get one. >> if nobody knows what's going on in the neighborhood, and people are driving their cars and still got things going on, i mean, sure, it's a huge issue. >> the county said it sent land line calls and phone and e-mail
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alerts to people in alamo. other alerts were alarming people outside of alamo. county officials are investigating. fire investigators in san jose plan to talk to a couple of traffic operators in connection with a grass operator. it started at international airport at component drive at orchard parkway. the flames burned about 3 acres. no injuries and tractors were reportedly cutting grass in the area when the fire began. this exclusive video to channel 2, four men detained in the shooting in san francisco. they needed gas for their pickup and spotted spotted at
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a gas station. police in san jose looking for a suspect from the deadly attack. the victim was a 62-year-old woman who lived alone who was the target of some type of physical attack. was the 30th homicide of the year. a woman from brentwood suffering from the early stages of dementia found safe. found blanca in the oakland area last night and had last spoken to her family on tuesday. this could be a good day for facebook shareholders. it's been to the highest levels since february after the company released closing earnings and beat wall street's
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forecast. facebook's revenue grew 53% to 1.8 billion. >> it's the means by which people can sort of reach the consumer and i think people are realizing more people spend time on mobile in a way they used to spend time at other places. >> u.s. teenagers move to instagram, also owned by facebook, but ceo mark zuckerberg said more than half of last quarter's revenue came outside of the u.s. and canada. time now is 4:37. let's go to sal, keeping an eye on traffic. hopefully, it's pretty light out there. >> it's pretty light so far. there's road work out there, brian. traffic is moving along pretty well in the bay area so far. this is the east shore freeway and you can see traffic moves along nicely coming through
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down to the mcarthur maze. the traffic looks good into san francisco. 4:37. let's go to state of! good morning. for some, it was a nice day. for others, it was hot. 90s to 102. trifecta at 61. i'm telling you, the city, you could mail it in and the pattern is stuck between 65, 66, 67. the morning fog gives way to sunshine and looks to be more
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fog than yesterday. south of monterey and if anything, they clip the south bay. warm to hot conditions and still inland. a little low moves in closer to san francisco to give us a cooler pattern towards maybe late friday into sunday spinning right there. not today but maybe tomorrow. they'll be close today but maybe a little bit stronger delta breeze and cooler into the weekend and go to early next week. >> thank you, steve. a bizarre boat chase near the golden gate bridge is set to be formally charged next month. arrested david mccormick.
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a phony distress call and failing to stop his boat. he also assaulted one officer who tried to board his boat. third cup. took out on the bay yesterday. it's been 2.5 months since the death of a crew member. hope to compete on 6th. family continues to grieve for a loved one killed in a dispute in san francisco. >> we feel so helpless. >> their continued calls for justice as the suspect appears in court. and by george, prince william and kate finally pick their baby's name. >> a good start according to this picture anyway. we'll tell you more about the morning commute. look at 'em.
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>> plenty of low clouds around. looks to be a little bit stronger delta breeze. not much change coast bay. antioch man accused of killing two people at a san francisco jewelry store scheduled to enter a plea next week. they attended court appearance yesterday and demanded justice. >> i want my sister back. >> her baby sister. >> barry white appeared in court on killing two employees earlier this month and critically injured the owner after a price dispute. >> have courage to take the
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family like that. >> white was released a year and a half ago after cutting the assault case. accused of ramming the antioch police car. nevada medical examiner waiting toxicology tests. found dead in an apartment in a small western nevada town. the process server delivered eviction notice that was there for weeks. known for jewelry and flamboyant fashions. passed the spending bill but barely rejecting amendment that would have curb it had reach of the national security agency. criticized for surveillance programs for millions of americans. the obama administration argued the programs protect national
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security and amendment lost by votes. a bipartisan group of senators reached a deal aiding college students though. the compromise measure caps the rates on college loans. undergrad students pay a rate of 8.5% last year. it would cap at 8.25% for students and then 10% for parents. people he calls working middle class americans for the rest of his time in the white house including a boost to the federal minimum wage which is now $7.25 an hour. that hasn't increased since 2009. california's minimum wage is is $8 an hour. san francisco, it's $10.55 an hour and the highest in the country the president said working americans deserve a wage. >> no one in america should have to live in poverty. we need to raise the minimum
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wage. >> there was a rally for a higher minimum wage in berkeley last night. berkeley's labor commission discussing whether to raise minimum wage to match $10.55 an hour. congress working to have mail delivered to businesses and it would be in curb side boxes. those are similar to the set-up at many apartment buildings right now. supporters say that would save post office $4.5 billion a year. would take ten years for the full plan to go into effect. rally's plan for saturday to keep the historic berkeley post office to move forward. it's moving forward with plans to sell the building. citizens to save the berkeley post office is not giving up. they will celebrate the 100th birthday. a third woman came forward to accuse bob of sexual harassment as he faces calls
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for resignation. >> i felt very humiliated and dehumanized and insulted. >> morgan met to discuss her non-profit but refused to audiocassette about her work and repeatedly tried to kiss her. the found over an advocacy group for children. >> four times he definitely tried to get his face in my face to kiss me. >> others accused him on sexual harassment and called on him to step down but no plans to resign. awkward moment when the candidates were asked about their use of social media.
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>> mr. weiner. >> weiner appeared at the event after admitting he continued to sext with women after year after resigning over twitter and photographs. prince george of cambridge moved in with the middletons. prince william and katherine named their baby george alexander louis. they live in the village of bucklebury. >> there's history behind it and alexander is intriguing as well, the middle name. >> george was the name of six previous kings. the baby stayed outside of the royal palace, a break in tradition, actually. i like the name sal. it sounds good with traffic.
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>> i've grown accustomed to my name over the years. let's look at the name. the traffic is moving along westbound. you may see road work picked up b moist westbound at the toll plaza. northbound 287 or northbound 101. >> what's new, 60s and 70s on the high side but 90s to a few low 100. 50s and 60s. san francisco has been similar to what it's been a week or two. we go 66 and then deeper.
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i did see from davis point and not there yet. maybe subtle locations. not a big deal. warm to hot inland and then coast and bay. a little low and then offshore from san diego. will work and come south of the bay area and that will allow fog bank to increase right there. probably no impact today but probably friday night into saturday. fog, sun, and low clouds. there's more pronounced westerly breeze. warm to hot breeze. today, it will be hot. 80s though, santa rosa. 90 in santa clara valley. 80s mainly on the peninsula. temperatures look like they try and then early next week.
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>> thank you very much. a group of retired pastors are willing to break from church's doctrine. what they stand to lose as they start marrying same-sex couples. and the tour of brazil to mark world youth day celebrations.
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retired united methodist
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pastors will defy church and perform same-sex marriage. the church gathered and announced they would defie church doctrine and marry gay couples if active pastors decline. >> refuse to treat some people as second children of god. >> they could lose tax breaks on housing alliance and possibly their group health insurance. the top bishop said he sympathizes but said all united methodist clergy oppose the doctrine to serve gay marriage. the pope is in the middle of a whirlwind trip to brazil. he honors the patron saint. today, the pontiff will bless the olympic flag, visit a slum and address the catholics to mark world youth day
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celebrations. time now is 4:54. time to get to sal, who's keeping an eye on traffic. >> not a lot of things to report right now when it comes to major obstructions on the road. northbound and southbound 880 traffic looking good driving through. you can see traffic continues to look good all the way through and no major problems up to the bay bridge. san mateo bridge, looks good as well heading out to the high- rise with traffic looking good. if you're driving on 101 or on 280 on the peninsula, but there is some dense fog in some areas of the peninsula. so be careful with that. 4:55. let's go to steve. >> thank you. very good morning. tropical clouds, nothing compared to what we had a few days ago. just a little band but going through central california. there's more today than yesterday. looks to be a little deeper. we have a little low that's poised to move in, but probably
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not tomorrow night and move in south of us. that will deepen the fog bank. it's in livermore. cooler towards the north bay and nevada, also, santa rosa. stronger delta breeze. 25 for chicago. 20 in fairfield. we see if it holds. there's a little bit component of a westerly breeze that was not the case, it was there yesterday, but less than this. livermore, northwest at 7. so yesterday, just completely fell apart and collapsed and inland temps went way up. 53 in tahoe and then hot and humid up here. near 100 today and sacramento pretty warm. warm to hot depending on proximity to the coast and inland locations. 60s to 90s, some areas shoot up again but looks like, i think we topped out yesterday. i would be surprised if we got
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warmer today. cooling trend on friday and then a bigger cooling trend into the weekend and next week is pretty quiet. >> steve, thank you very much. stanford named the best university in america. forbes magazine released 2013 list of top colleges. stanford, number one. pamona college in second. first time nonivy league in the report. and then berkeley. these california schools have high retention rates and then graduates have high starting average salaries. coach facing child pornography charges. and then clock ticks towards a another possible strike. why a strike next month could be far worse than the last.
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>> we're now ten days away from a second potential bar strike. where negotiation stands and why transit officials say a strike this time around could be last. >> and a bay area high school coach arrested for child pornography. i'll let you know the latest with investigation. a gas leak in contra costa
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county triggering evacuation. why some were alerted even though they were nowhere near the leak. >> santa rosa man called to say he killed his wife. the new information we found out this morning all ahead on ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> good morning. thank you for joining us on july 25th. i'm pam cook. >> i'm dave clark. >> i try for pam all the time. some had sunshine and some hot, dealing with 60s by the coast and 70s around the bay. not much change. inland, it's hot and then cool. >> steve, we look at 680 and


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